-Do these items really come from Shaundam?

-Yes, they do come straight from me.

-What is the Return Policy?

-No Returns. If you have an issue with your order email us orders@shaundam.info and we will work with you to correct the issue. We want everyone to be happy!

-Which items come autographed?

-All of them! I sign anything that can be signed! 

-What is my dvd won’t play?

-Contact us and we will replace it of offer you a credit.

-Does you wear the clothes that are in Daddy’s Closet

-Yes! And to prove it I send a picture and short video clip with me wearing the item.

-Customer Service Contact orders@shaundam.info

-Whats the name that is on the statement?
The descriptor (name) that will be appear on your Credit or Debit Card Statement is one of the following: